2. what changes do we see in reverend parris_

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"The afflicted girls have named the witches that torment them," Reverend Parris informed the esteemed visitor. The youngsters in question, Elizabeth Parris (Samuel's nine-year-old daughter) and Abigail Williams (his twelve-year-old niece), had been suffering from strange fits, the cause of which Dr. Griggs had yet to ascertain.
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didn't see don't see haven't seen saw not. 2. I _ get up very early now. must to have to should to ought. 3. . How much _ to fly to New York? costs it it costs does cost does it cost. 4. My brother Nick is very good _ maths. for at about in.
Reverend Samuel Parris holds an important position of authority and places himself even higher than others in the community. He is a weak man, obsessed with power and control, and throughout the play is only concerned with his reputation and money. Apr 01, 2009 · Danforth- Parris, what do you think we should do? Parris- Well it is obvious to me, that John Proctor is the liar here, and both he and his wife are with the Devil. Danforth acts like he is thinking this over, though he already has his solution. Danforth- We will give your wife one more look over, if she appears to be pregnant, she lives.
Reverend Parris – The minister of Salem’s church. Reverend Parris is a paranoid, power-hungry, yet oddly self-pitying figure. Many of the townsfolk, especially John Proctor, dislike him, and Parris is very concerned with building his position in the community. By Act 4, we learn that Corey knows his land will not be given to his children and stay in his family's possession if he answers the accusation due to the laws of the time.
(SEE) the film. 3. The woman sitting next to me on the plane was very nervous. He …. never …(FLY) before. 4. When we got home last night, we found out that somebody ….(BREAK) into the flat.Why has Reverend Parris sent for a doctor as the play begins? What advice does the doctor send back? What does Parris question his niece Abigail about? What did Parris see in the woods the previous night? What has Elizabeth Proctor said about Abigail? Why did Mrs. Putnam contact Tituba? What does Betty Parris reveal about what happened in the ...
en ) { case 's': if ( $strict ) { if ( '"' !== substr( $data, -2, 1 ) ) { return false; } } elseif ( false === strpos( $data, '"' ) ) { return false; } // or else ... Jul 25, 2013 · * The opening scene was held in the Salem in the Spring of year 1692 2. Why has Parris sent for Reverend Hale from Beverly? * Parris sent for Reverend Hale to see what is going on with his sick daughter, Betty. 3. What do we learn about the events in the forest and Abigail Williams’ connections with the Proctor family?
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